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MemoDerm Acellular Dermal Matrix

  • Proprietary Gamma Precision Dose Sterilization process allows product to be safely presented directly onto the sterile field during cases1, and it is stored at room temperature for increased convenience.
  • Excellent tensile & suture retention strength2 along with the meshed and non-meshed options allow for use in a variety of procedures with numerous surgeon techniques.
  • Designed to increase revascularization and repopulation of cells and take on the appearance of normal human skin3 optimizing patient outcomes.
  1. Sterility Validation for Tissue Banks International’s Acellular Dermis (ACD) Allograft.     Tissue Banks International. April 27, 2010.
  2. Mechanical Testing of Tissue Banks International’s Acellular Dermis (ACD) Allograft. Tissue Banks International. May 18, 2010.
  3. Histological Investigations of Recellularization, Revascularization, Adhesions, and Other Factors in Three Animal Models of Tissue Banks International’s Sterile Human Acellular Dermal Allograft.  Tissue Banks International. May 20, 2010.


  • Biologics
  • Rotator Cuff Tendon Repair
  • Anterior Shoulder Capsule Repair
  • Quadriceps Tendons Repairs
  • Flex/Extensor Tendon Repair
  • Ulnar Collateral Ligament Repair
  • Patellar Tendon Repair
  • Achilles Tendon Repair
  • Lateral Ankle Complex Repair
  • Soft Tissue Repairs
  • Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment & Related Foot Amputat
  • Burn Treatment

*Meshed MemoDerm is intended for wound care only (burns, ulcers) and is not indicated for use in load bearing applications.

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